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CRC supports children who can no longer be with their parents through the Orphan Support program. Help us provide for their basic needs and education and adopt an orphan financially. Your care counts. Read more »

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How it all started

CRC was established on June 29, 1985 as a result of Prof. Elizabeth Protacio-Marcelino's masteral thesis at University of the Philippines-Diliman (UP-Diliman) on the stress and coping of children of political detainees. The thesis aimed to know how these children coped with the trauma and the separation from their parents, as well as other effects, emotionally and/or psychologically entailed by their parent's detention.

As State violence and militarization continued to intensify in the following years, many children were also continuously abused, and their rights violated by government troops. With these, several children's rights advocates with the help of student volunteers came together to provide psycho-social help to the children victims of human rights violations. Thus, an organization that promotes children's rights and provides necessary services for the children was born.

Expansion of Mission

CRC, initially a Quezon City-based organization, has expanded gradually to extend their services nationwide. In addition to helping children directly and indirectly affected by state violence in critical regions, they consequently included children who are survivors of natural disasters and children victim of sexual abuse. Such expansion only implies that child abuse cases and violations of children's rights have continuously grown.

The CRC facilitates psycho-social help in order at grass roots and regional-level like in Panay, Bicol, Davao, Ilocos Sur, Negros, and in the National Capital Region (NCR). They also cater different programs and services not only for the children victims and their families but also to the community itself so that they can nurture their potentials.

With the trend of more human rights violations committed by the Arroyo government in the guise of its "war on terror" campaign, CRC will surely continue to have its hands full. And with two decades of experience to their credit, it will definitely continue to lay the groundwork for people's initiative, creativity, responsibility, and communal concern for children.