A Hand For An Orphan

CRC supports children who can no longer be with their parents through the Orphan Support program. Help us provide for their basic needs and education and adopt an orphan financially. Your care counts. Read more »

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The Orphan Support Project

The Project "A Hand for an Orphan" aims to solicit support from able and concerned individuals for the growing number of orphaned clients of the Children's Rehabilitation Center. The "orphans" refer to the children who in one way or another can no longer be with their parents. The project aims to provide and maintain a holistic service for the orphaned children through:

  1. educational assistance;
  2. educational and related activities that would make them understand better their condition and will give them a choice to resolve it;
  3. counseling and other therapy activities to let the children share and express their experiences;
  4. scouting for foster homes that could provide the the children with the love and care that they need; and
  5. providing venues and activities for the orphans to adjust to their foster families

CRC believes that the rehabilitation of a child should consider all the aspects of his development; physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and not only the psychological aspect. But it also believes that providing such assistance is a shared responsibility with the adoptive parents (if they are in the urban areas). In the case of orphans residing in the countryside, the community collectively helps in caring for the orphans. As the numbers of orphans increase, CRC could not give the entire financial need of the child. In addition, CRC wants to extend its services to as many orphans as possible. Thus, CRC's financial assistance per child is limited to:

  1. Educational assistance for a year:
    1. Php 5,000 or $120 only for high school.
    2. Php 3,000 or $75 only for elementary.
  2. Food: Php 180 per day or $4.18 only
  3. Medical Assistance Php1,000 or $17.85 only

The Center assists those clients who need prolonged medical attention due to such illnesses as malaria or primary complex. The Center also covers one-fourth of the total cost of the hospitalization when the child needs confinement. Each child needs special care and attention. Each orphan needs a hand to help him/her cope with her/his everyday necessities. For this year CRC aims to reach out 1,000 orphans in different areas all over the country. Because of this, CRC seeks assistance from responsive individuals, groups or agency for the provision of each orphan's needs. Any concerned individual, group or agency can pledge to fund an orphan for her/his daily needs, especially for her/his education. In return, the orphan will regularly acknowledge through letters and cards her/his benefactor. The Project will also promote the orphans' welfare through dissemination of information on their plight as victims of State Violence. CRC also learned that an institutional setting could never substitute for a psychological support that a family can provide. Thus, foster families are identified. The primary criteria include willingness to accept the orphan, familiarity with the orphan, and genuine care for him/her. But those people identified by CRC who have these qualities are also economically wanting. Thus, CRC has to provide the initial educational, nutritional, and medical needs of the new additional member of the family. To maintain such services, CRC has to look for regular donors who will pledge to support the orphans. Your care counts.

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