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The Children’s Rehabilitation Center joined other child rights organizations (Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns; Parents’ Alternative on ECCD, Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia) in Sitio Olandes, Marikina City.  A total of 300 families were given a basic relief pack (rice, sardines, noodles and clothes) last September 29, through the help of the Citizen’s Disaster Response Center (CDRC) and the Gabriela Women’s Party.  Day 1 of the relief operations prioritized families whose children were participants of of the Olandes Batibot Early Learning Center (OBELC) program.  Another relief operation will be held tomorrow to continue reaching out to the other residents of the area.

Earlier, we opened our doors to children-evacuees  from the area.  We are now providing temporary shelter to more than 20 individuals, mostly children.  These children are now undergoing psycho-social debriefing. We would like to reiterate our request for donations for basic relief goods, especially rice and water for affected residents, including those housed in the CRC office.

Phase 2 of the relief operations will be a clean-up drive to be held tomorrow after the relief distribution.  Volunteers are needed to help clean the day care center which was completely submerged in flood waters.  For this phase, cleaning materials such as walis tingting (brooms), tabo (dipper) and balde (pail) are also needed.

Phase 3 will involve a medical mission, particularly for children in the community.  The medical mission is tentatively scheduled next week.  Volunteer doctors and health workers are needed for this activity.  Donations of medicines (paracetamol, Lagundi cough syrup or tablets, Acapulco for athlete’s foot and other skin diseases, ascorbic acid and multi-vitamins for children, etc.) are very much welcome.  Final schedule of the medical mission will be determined by the availability of volunteer doctors and health workers.

We expect the relief phase to last two weeks as local government response to the plight of the Olandes victims are nil. There are no dump trucks to cart away all the damaged belongings that can no longer be salvaged. 

After this period, the more difficult task of rehabilitation and rebuilding their lives need to be addressed. With most of their belongings gone and many of the affected household heads unemployed, this is surely a daunting task. The phase of rehabilitation also includes rebuilding the OBELC day care center.  The OBELC Parents-Teacher Association will spearhead this phase but CRC and other organizations will also be on hand to support their efforts.  This early, we are already launching a fund-drive for school supplies and other materials for the day care centers, not only in Olandes but also in other affected areas like Sitio Talanay in Bgy. Batasan; Bgy Tatalon and Vitas, Tondo.

We are very grateful for the individuals, families, companies and organizations that have donated or pledged their donations.  In particular, we would like to mention the DLSU COSCA, our partner and the UP University Student Council for their relief packs.
The initial successful effort in extending a helping hand to our distressed fellow Filipinos is just a drop in the bucket.  In the face of a natural disaster of this magnitude and a disastrously slow, unsystematic and inadequate response from the national and local governments, we welcome whatever assistance from fellow private citizens in order to extend services to more families in need.     ###

during the psychosocial therapy..






September 29: first day of relief mission

teachers of OBELC were also affected by typhoon Ondoy


October 01:

  • second wave of relief mission




with UP students....



  • Clean up in Olandes Batibot Early Learning Center 



  • scenes in Sitio Olandes..