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Dear friends,

Greetings of peace and solidarity!


On the afternoon of May 23rd, the armed siege of the Maute group in Marawi City and the consequent military aerial bombings prompted the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Marawi residents fearing for their safety. The said crisis rooted from the failed attempt of the state forces to arrest Isnilon Hapilon – an Abu Sayaff Leader and known supporter of the ISIS. Allegedly, Hapilon asked for aide and reinforcement from the Maute group which happened to be scattered around the vicinity.


As soon as the firefight erupted, President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial law in Mindanao. Since its declaration, the situation continues to worsen. Local residents have been experiencing aerial bombardments, destruction of properties, threats, harassments, intimidation, and other forms of human rights violations which forced the 250,000 individuals, both young and old, to abandon their houses and seek refuge in evacuation camps and relatives in the nearby towns.


On June 13-16, Children’s Rehabilitation Center and Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns participated in a National Interfaith Humanitarian Mission to assess the situation of the affected families as well as to provide basic psycho-social services. In particular, CRC and Salinlahi facilitated psychosocial intervention to more than 300 children in 4 evacuation centers and home-based camps.


The incident, especially the indiscriminate aerial bombings have brought tremendous trauma among children. In an evacuation centers in Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur, which is only 15 minutes away from Marawi City, sub-sequent bombings can still be heard by evacuees. Most children are forced to stop schooling because their schools were also destroyed.


Inside the evacuation camps, many have fallen sick, and the most vulnerable are infants and children. There is no immediate medical attention for ailing evacuees since there is no comprehensive program for health and medical services in the evacuation centers. There is an almost desperate need for water and sanitation facilities. In almost all evacuation centers, toilet facilities are sorely lacking or dilapidated, while water supply is limited.


Likewise, the NIHM found an urgent need to put in place a sustained program of psycho-social intervention to address the mental and emotional impact of the war and dislocation, especially on children. There are already reported changes in behavior patterns that may indicate symptoms of trauma among children, including fear, inconsistent and destructive behavior, panic and confusion.


In this regard, the Task Force Children of the Storm (TFCOS), a consortium of five (5) non-government organizations based in Quezon City and Marikina City, is knocking on your kind hearts to extend your support and assistance to the affected families, especially women and children. We need more support in the form of CASH to be able to give the evacuees the following: 

  1. Food Items: Rice, Canned Goods, Dried Fish, Noodles, Cooking Oil, Salt, Sugar, Coffee etc.;
  2. Potable water;
  3. Sanitary and personal hygiene needs: toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diaper, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush;
  4. Medical needs: alcohol, bandages, povidine, medicine for cough, colds, fever, diarrhea, pain reliever and antibiotics for both children and adults;
  5. Beddings: blankets, mosquito nets, sleeping mats.


Aside from these items, we also count on your tireless volunteerism to help us deliver the relief goods. TFCOS also needs volunteers for the provision of psycho social first aid to children of Marawi.


For cash donations, you can deposit directly to our bank account:



Bank Name and Branch: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company 20th Avenue Branch 

Account name: Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia


Account Number: 320-50967-6



Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands- Kamias/Anonas Branch, Quezon City

Account Name: Children's Rehabilitation Center

Account Number: 3324-0233-71



Thank you very much and your help will go a long way.

In the service of the Filipino children,




Executive Director Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia (ARCSEA)
[Lead Convenor]



Secretary General

Salinlahi  Alliance  for  Children’s


                                                                                                 JACQUILINE D. RUIZ

Executive Director
Children’s Rehabilitation Center 

Training Coordinator
Parents Alternative on Early Childhood Care and Development



Executive Director
Batibot Early Learning Center