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Urgent Appeal for the Survivors of the Disastrous Earthquake in Negros Oriental


The Children’s Rehabilitation Center wish to convey heartfelt condolences to our Filipino brothers and sisters, especially the children, who have suffered from the tragedy of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the province of Negros Oriental and other parts of Visayas last Monday, February 6, 2012. Families and communities were devastated by the disaster. 


As of now, the earthquake claimed a total of 48 lives including 12 children aged 6-12 years old, mostly from Negros Oriental. Meanwhile there are 52 people who suffered injuries and 71 individuals are still missing. Many people were buried beneath rubble and communications were cut off in some villages due to damages to infrastructures like roads, bridges and communication lines resulting to fears that the death toll and damages may be even higher than those already reported. 


The people in Negros Oriental and other affected areas not only suffer from the loss of their loved ones but this tragedy left a trail of destruction on their households and livelihood. Thousands of victims are now in need of immediate assistance for their survival. Food, drinking water, medicines, clothes, shelter and other relief goods are greatly needed. 


Moreover the tragic events that marked in the victims’ psychological well being should also be addressed. CRC Negros Outreach program in partnership with other local NGOs and POs responded immediately with a relief and psychosocial mission in the affected areas in Negros Oriental. Yet their efforts are not enough to cover all those who are affected.   


Thus, the Children’s Rehabilitation Center National Office is planning to reinforce CRC Negros in its psychosocial and relief missions. We are appealing to our networks, organizations and individuals to extend your hand in helping our fellow Filipino especially the children by donating cash, materials and relief goods. 


We are hoping that the children, their families and their communities be provided with services and necessary attention to help them rebuild their lives. 


With your support, we could help in psychosocial and relief operations for the children and their families in Negros Oriental. 


For your help you can contact us at (+632) 913-9244 or 439-1053 and look for Ms. Sarah Espineda or email us at childrehabphilippines@yahoo.com.ph