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Saying sorry to someone for whatever pain we have caused is a very commendable act. Ever since we were young, our parents have instilled in us this value, an attitude that we also want to pass to on to our children. However, there are times that it is not enough to just say sorry and let it be a lesson learnt- especially if that mistake has caused great injury, even claimed lives of many.

The recent admission of President BS Aquino III during his speech in Holy Christian High School that the government failed to swiftly bring assistance to the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda is considered too late and unacceptable.

It is very enraging that President Aquino only realized his negligence four (4) months after Typhoon Yolanda ravaged the Visayas region. Isn’t it enough to see the thousands of lives perished while billions of properties and livelihoods damaged only days after Typhoon Yolanda to ask himself what he have done wrong? Isn’t enough to see the survivors starved to death with his own eyes during his visit in Tacloban and other hard-hit areas to realize how sluggish the government’s response is?

Looking back at his speech a day before the storm surge landed, he left us with assurance and confidence that the government was ready and well-equipped in confronting the typhoon. But now he had nothing to offer but an apology and a promise to do a better job next time. If you would ask a child who have been orphaned because of the typhoon, if the “sorry” will suffice, surely we will get a “no” for an answer.

The apologetic gesture of the president is just another demonstration how the government tries to cover up their neglect and inadequateness in addressing the needs of the typhoon victims. It is the government’s way to pacify the anger of the survivors towards the government’s snail-paced relief and rehabilitation programs. Moreover, it is very arrogant for Mr. Aquino to say that what happened was only an experience which we he could extract lessons to be a better leader.

In totality, an apology is not enough. It will not bring back the thousands of lives that the typhoon Yolanda has claimed. It is not indigestible. It will not meet the survivors’ thirst and hunger nor will compensate the hard-earned properties and livelihood destroyed. Justice for the victims must be served and therefore a “mere sorry” is unacceptable. President Aquino must be held accountable for his criminal neglect and utter disregard of the welfare of the typhoon victims.###


Reference: Jacquiline D. Ruiz, 09222953600