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Burial of Marcos in Libingan ng mga bayani is impunity at its finest - Child rights group

A child rights group who became instrumental in helping children victims and children of victims of political repression under the Marcos dictatorship has joined the call to stop the burial of late Ferdinand Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani on August 18, Thursday.

‘It’s absurd, unacceptable and an outright distortion of history! With all the corruption and atrocities during Martial law, it is meaningless to put the name of Ferdinand Marcos in the pedestal of heroism.’ said Children’s Rehabilitation Center Executive Jacquiline Ruiz.

According to Ruiz, who is a veteran psychologist, the burial of Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani would only reinforce the attempt to distort the history  of Martial law by making him a ‘hero’ despite his disgraceful record in corruption, plunder and massive human rights violations.

Ruiz added that late dictator, in spite of what few Marcos loyalists claim, has only sowed a climate of fear among Filipino people allowing political repression and impunity to thrive.

‘The dark era of martial law has caused great torment and suffering to hundreds of thousands of Filipino children. Many children were orphaned or have grown up in prisons with their political detainee mothers or fathers, with some of them were also subjected to torture and abuses’ emphasized Ruiz.

In addition, she said that it was even worse when children as young as several months old were also considered part of the insurgency and subversion that the government has vowed to crush. As a result, thousands of children were summarily executed, maimed, raped, tortured, displaced or abducted.

‘To bury Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani is to bury the memories of all Filipino, including children, who fell victims to state repression during the martial law. With no uncertainty, it is impunity at its finest,’ Ruiz ended.