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Child rights advocates: SCRAP OPLAN BAYANIHAN, Justice to all victims of human rights violations!

News Release

19 March 2012 


Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns and the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) together with the families of children victims of human rights violations held a condemnation rally today at the gate of the Camp Aguinaldo to register their rage over continuing grave child rights violations perpetrated by the military under the Aquino government.

Melissa San Miguel, Salinlahi Spokesperson cited data gathered by CRC, a non-government organization which documents such violations as well as provide psycho-social services to the children-victims.  “As of March of this year, Oplan Bayanihan of the Aquino administration resulted to the death of 5 children and the frustrated killing of 17 others.  Children were also subjected to rape and false branding as child soldiers,” San Miguel said. 

San Miguel said that child rights advocates are extremely bothered by the recent cases, especially since four children have already been killed this year alone.  “At this rate, we fear that more children will become casualties of the government’s counter-insurgency program before Pres. Aquino’s term ends in 2016,” San Miguel added.

She was pertaining to the cases of the Labo massacre where two children, aged 7 and 10 were killed after military men indiscriminately fired at their house; the case of Christian Noceto, 15, who was branded as a member of the NPA and was shot together with 3 other companions in Majayjay, Laguna and a 6-year-old girl who died after an alleged military bomb exploded outside their house in Capiz.

 “We are here today to condemn the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Aquino administration over the atrocities it has committed against the Filipino children. We are also here to seek justice for them, and one way of achieving this is the scrapping of the perilous Oplan Bayanihan!”, San Miguel stressed out.

Representatives from Gabriela and Karapatan Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Struggles were also present during the action.

The group’s protest action coincided with the meeting of the UN Committee on Human Rights in New York City where human rights violations against children all over the world was one of the highlighted agenda. ###