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NGO to gov’t: Let Andrea Rosal attend her baby’s wake

A child focused NGO urged the government to allow detained mother Andrea Rosal to be present at the wake and burial of her 2-day baby Diona who succumbed to death last May 18.

The wake will be conducted on May 20-21 and will be transferred on May 22 to Batangas where she will be laid to rest.

“As we share incomparable anguish with Andrea over the death of her newly born daughter Diona, we also join her and other human rights advocates in demanding BS Aquino to permit Andrea to attend the wake and burial of her baby. If the government fails to do so, they will not only deprive Andrea the chance of seeing her child for the last time but further putting her into prolong psychological distress which is severely inhumane,” said Jacquiline Ruiz, a psychologist and executive director of Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC).

Ruiz pointed out that the dismal condition inside the prison aggravated by the lack of medical attention to Andrea has resulted to the death of Baby Diona who was born with hypoxemia or oxygen deficiency in the blood. She accused Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) of further adding salt to the wounds of Andrea and her family for weaving lies in order to escape from accountability over the incident.

“AFP’s statement that Andrea and her daughter received due medical attention is a big fat lie. Since Andrea was incarcerated on March 27th for trumped up charges, she was denied of proper health care. The government’s ill treatment to Andrea inside prison, in addition to the mental torture inflicted to her during the arrest, has undoubtedly contributed to the poor health condition of baby Diona; and eventually led to her last breath,” Ruiz stressed.

Ruiz said that like Diona, children in general are not spared from the state-sponsored rights violations. Under Aquino administration, CRC documented cases of child rights violations including extrajudicial killings, torture, rape, illegal arrest, etc.

“Nothing should be blamed for the death of Diona but the government, particularly BS Aquino and the AFP. They are the ones who must be imprisoned not Andrea, for being child-butcher and for their gross human rights violations,” ended Ruiz. ###