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Nijmegen Walk of the World participant supports Orphans in the Philippines

The Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) expressed its deepest support to Kyle Baleva, a 17-year-old boy based in The Netherlands that will once again join the 98th edition of the Walk of the World in Nijmegen in The Netherlands to support orphans in the country.

For the fifth time on July 15, 2014 at 05:15 in the morning, The Netherlands time Kyle will start his walk in the cold streets of the Nijmegen and will walk a total of 160 kilometers in 4 days bringing his hope to raise support for the children orphans supported by the CRC’s program, A Hand for an Orphan. Through the organization, the Stichting voor Filippijnse Kinderen (Foundation for the Filipino Children), they were able to gather funds from the sponsors to support the said program of CRC.

In 2009, Kyle started his advocacy to help the children of victims of extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances and other children victims of human rights violations in calling for lasting peace based on justice.

CRC Executive Director, Jacquiline Ruiz said that, “During the time of  Kyle’s first walk, CRC launched a parallel activity entitled “Walk with Kyle, Walk for Justice”, a solidarity walk with peasant children that also called for justice to all the Filipino children victims of human rights violations during the Arroyo Regime. And even now under the new administration of BS Aquino where human rights violations still continue, Kyle untiringly supports these children victims.”  

Since his first walk, he has been supporting 6 orphans from CRC, providing them educational, nutrition and medical support. In addition, he also supports the organization’s activities such as the Peace Camp held every December and community-based psychosocial activities for the children victims. These activities provided a venue for the children victims to express their thoughts and aspirations for peace and justice through different forms of arts, Ruiz added.

This year will be Kyle’s final walk in the said endeavour. CRC admires Kyle’s bravery and courage in his advocacy for helping the Filipino children especially the children victims of human rights violations.

“In behalf of the Filipino children victims, we are very grateful for Kyle’s tireless support in our program enabling us to reach out to many children in need of our services. This may be Kyle’s last walk, but we will continue to uphold, protect and defend the rights and welfare of the Filipino children who have fallen prey to the government’s long-running anti-insurgency campaign”, Ruiz ended.