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PNoy culprit of family disintegration- child rights groups

Different organizations working for the rights and welfare of children joined the indignation rally in front of Indonesian Embassy to call for the salvation of Mary Jane Veloso from execution.

Holding placards bearing calls ‘Save the Life of Mary Jane’, SALINLAHI Alliance for children’s Concerns urged the Indonesian government to heed the cries of families, friends and supporters of Mary Jane. “For the very last time, we demand Pres. Widodo to show humanity and compassion as a leader of his country. Mary Jane is innocent. She is a mother who only dreamt of providing a better future for her children but unfortunately fell victim to the hands of big-time drug syndicate and an inconsiderate and conceited judicial system.” Kharlo Manano said, group’s secretary general.

The groups condemned the Philippine government over its failure to give necessary assistance to Mary Jane and its failure to provide all possible legal remedies from the very beginning. “If not for the Aquino government’s negligence, we could have saved Mary Jane from death row; we could have saved a family which is about to be destroyed by this unfortunate incident. The last minute appeal of President Aquino has only showed his failed leadership. He is insincere and unwilling to help our modern-day heroes despite their valuable contribution to the Philippine economy,” said Manano

On the other hand, Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC) expressed concern over the trauma being etched to the young minds of the Veloso children. “Undoubtedly, Mary Jane’s children are in a very hard situation trying to understand the possible death of their mother in the hands of the government supposedly protecting people. This incident, if not properly processed, may hamper the children’s development. Moreso, the Aquino government who should ensure the welfare of the Filipino children is the very culprit who have destroyed and disintegrated Filipino families” said CRC Executive Director Jacquiline Ruiz.

Salinlahi also called on Noynoy Aquino to resign amidst his administration’s abandonment of its responsibility to care for the Filipino children and their families.

Meanwhile, the Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia (ARCSEA) also expressed its support for Mary Jane and her family. Madella Santiago, ARCSEA’s executive director said, “Much like the grief that Mary Jane’s family are feeling right now, many other families bear the same heavy heart because  their loved ones are either lamenting in jail or are in death row. The impact of this horrendous situation to Mary Jane’s children is indescribable and definitely unbearable. The children are surely heartbroken and we sympathize with them.”

ARCSEA cited data of women’s group GABRIELA that there are 125 Filipino migrant workers in death row all over the world. “This is outrageous! How many more children have to suffer the same fate that Mary Jane’s children are experiencing right now?” continued Santiago.


“In this times that the nation is grief-stricken, we are enjoining advocates and fellow Filipinos to remain vigilant and pour all support possible for Mary Jane and her family. Likewise, we are pleading to the Indonesian government to heed the call of every individual hoping that Mary Jane’s children would still have their mother upon their return to the Philippines,” ended Santiago.###