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Statement on the Senate Committee Report on Mamasapano

“It is high time for President Aquino to own his faults and end his series of denials, whitewash and blame-game just to escape from the long list of crises under his watch.” This was the statement of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center, following the release of a senate committee report citing that the president is ‘ultimately responsible’ over the botched operation of the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force in Mamasapano.

The group, who formed part of an independent Mamasapano investigation led by civil society groups last February, is convinced that the president should be held accountable for permitting General Allan Purisima to meddle in the operation despite the standing suspension order on the latter. 

The group also urged the senate and other government institutions to take a stand in making Aquino, Purisima and Napenas accountable. “All the necessary legal remedies should be taken in order for justice to be served not only for the SAF 44 but also for the civilian lives claimed by this fiasco,” Ruiz stressed.

The group further added that the senate should also make a clear stand on the issue of US involvement in the operations. “Foreign involvement in the likes of Operation Exodus is a clear attack against Philippine sovereignty. The participation of US in the planning and execution of the Mamasapano mission has further exposed the real score of the Philippine foreign relations with the US; it is clear-cut foreign intervention,” she added.

On the other hand, Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns said that the report is a slap to President Aquino’s face, further adding leverage for the people’s call for his resignation in order to save the country from further catastrophe. 

“Malinaw na ang pagbaba ng satisfaction rating ni Aquino ay nagpapatunay ng galit ng mamamayan sa palpak at pahamak nyang liderato. Handa ang mamamayan na mamuno sa ilalim ng transition council sa oras na siya ay magbibitiw sa pwesto,” said Salinlahi secretary-general Kharlo Manano.

He also reiterated that the Mamasapano crisis is just one of the rungs in his ladder of failed leadership. “If we look into the other political and economic indicators, we will realize that the Mamasapano debacle is just the tip of the iceberg. Long-running poverty, government’s unabated corruption, lack of decent employment, just wages and social services remain as the country’s unresolved problems under Aquino’s daang matuwid,” Manano ended. ###