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Children Right's Advocates: Aquino, no longer fit to be the President

A week before the State of the Nation Address of Pres. BS Aquino the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC-SMR) held a “street gallery” today entitled “The real state of the children” that calls for Aquino’s immediate resignation.

The group cited the worsening of child rights violations under the counter-insurgency program of Aquino's government. As of July 2014, CRC documented 18 cases of extra judicial killings among children believe to be perpetrated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines nationwide which half of the said cases are in Mindanao. A total of 13, 273 children were victims of child right’s violation under Aquino’s administration raging from threat, harassment and intimidation, torture, illegal arrest and detention, rape or sexual harassment, forcible evacuation, use of minors as guides in military operation, attacks on schools, branding of children as child soldier and killings.

All of the said problems faced by the majority of children in the Philippines with its facts and figures were portrayed in the “street gallery” of photos depicting different children. 
“Aquino must be held accountable by either pushing him to resign or to be impeached or to be ousted.” Rius Valle, spokesperson of CRC-SMR concluded.

(July 21, 2014)