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Deprived of innocence

This is a reaction to Inquirer’s September 22 editorial titled “Lost innocence” which cited recent crimes involving children to justify proposed amendments on the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Law of 2006.

Almost half of the estimated 94 million Filipinos are children. It is a fact that some 65 million Filipinos or some 70  percent of the population try to live off on P104, or even as little as P20-P40, a day. This situation is rooted in chronic problems—lack of job opportunities, unjust wages, landlessness and the like. For most Filipino families, food for daily survival comes first before any other needs like schooling and health care, especially now that the government has opted to cut back on the budget for basic social services. The endless price hikes in basic commodities aggravate the situation, and the band-aid solutions of the government cannot ease their sufferings.

READ MORE ON: http://opinion.inquirer.net/12897/deprived-of-innocence