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Children's Activity in Barangay Bulungan, Paranaque

In partnership with Save Freedom Island Movement, the Children's Rehabilitation Center and Salinlahi Alliance for Children's Concerns facilitated an art and play activity for the children of Barangay Bulungan, Paranaque City last July 23, 2016.

The activity was participated in by children beneficiaries of Eskwelayan or Eskwela para sa Kalayaan at Kamalayan, a 6-month alternative education program for children of Brgy. Bulungan which commenced on the second week of July.

Through art and play activities, the children participants were able to understand their rights embodied in numerous local and international instruments (RA7610, UNCRC, among others). Nonetheless, many of them have realized that majority of Filipinp children, especially children coming from the poor families, do not enjoy their rights.

In a play activity called “Bahay, Bata, Demolisyon”, the children were asked 'What would happen if their community experience a demolition”, they said that their houses would be destroyed, many of them might get hurt, and the children would be afraid. They also pointed out that their parents might lose their jobs because the primary source of income in their community is fishing. Others also said that their education would be affected. 

At the end of the session, children enumerated their pleas to President Rodrigo Duterte days prior to the State of the Nation Address (SONA). The children were divided into three groups and they were asked to choose some of the issues affecting Filipino children (e.g. health, education, housing, ). The first group chose the problem in the education, and the second and third group chose the problem in the field of health. They listed their pleas in a piece of kartolina. In education, they want new facilities for their school; increase the salary of their teachers and to lower the tuition fees. In the health sector, they wish the president to provide an accessible health center in their community with free medicines and doctors, free hospitalization and circumcision.

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