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CRC supports children who can no longer be with their parents through the Orphan Support program. Help us provide for their basic needs and education and adopt an orphan financially. Your care counts. Read more »

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Women, children most affected in Mindanao fighting--study

MANILA, Philippines -- Women and children are most affected in the ongoing conflict in Mindanao as evacuation centers are lacking in facilities, adequate food, and medicines, and children continue to experience “psychological trauma,” a group said on Monday.


More Filipino children are displaced on World Refugee Day!

In the recent months, more than hundred families are being displaced from their homes because of the continuous military operations in their area. Families from rural communities from northern part of the country Abra to the southern part of Sulu are escaping the wrath of military operations conducted of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on areas perceived to be lair of communist insurgents or Moslem separatist. Read more »

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